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Some general info:
hey,. Im Tyler jensen the guitarist and singer for a local band from minnesota called fustigated. were a mostly hardcore band with punk roots and a variety of styles mixed in. The band consists of; Nate Babbs-drummer, Scott peterson-bassist, and me. so uhh yeah, this site is going to show you some shit about us and stuff that might make you come to our gigs.

mediocre Updates

12/31/02- new years eve, moron

8/27/01- I created this wonderful piece of crap site

6/24/87- I invented the word "craptastic"
email send to an tyler that not or

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( ))=======D~~~~~

I am sofa king wee todd id
we have been together for about a year now and have recorded with angel beach records and played some local gigs. me and the bassist(scott) have been playing for about three years together. its been good times

Bob's a pimp!
dumb people say dumb things

so if your smart keep talking

Urinal cake rainbows
in the poopstained sky
an email sned scott that is scott

the end, sned